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Automated Instant Digital Product Delivery for Paypal and 2Checkout

Do you sell digital or information products online? Want to safely automate your product delivery process using the two most popular payment gateways?

  • Store digital products on our server, where they are made available through our automated delivery process, only after purchase.

  • Instantly generate "Buy Now" buttons for both Paypal and 2Checkout.

  • Get 1 MB of free space forever. Optionally purchase more storage space at reasonable prices and always get credit for unused time on your subscription plan.

  • Create manual transactions delivered using the same process used for purchases.

  • Set how many days your products will be made available by download to each buyer.

  • Send automated product update emails.

  • Independantly set the number of days each product will be available for free updates.

  • Keep track of the number of times a product is downloaded per transaction.

  • Products are not delivered if payment does not match price of product (prevents button tampering).

  • What is EZ Download Pro?

    EZ Download Pro is a turn-key web-based system that stores digital products and automatically delivers those products after purchase through either Paypal or 2Checkout.

  • What is EZ Download Pro not?

    EZ Download Pro is not a shopping cart. However, it will handle unlimited single item purchases and deliver those products to buyers automatically and securely.

  • Who is EZ Download Pro for?

    EZ Download pro is for webpreneurs who sell digital, "Buy Now" products and want those products delivered automatically after purchase..

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